Death and Debt

Death and Debt: How is it Handled?

Many people don’t like to discuss death or dying, but it is a given for all of us. When someone that we love dies, it can be quite a sorrowful and sad situation.

Credit Scores

Top Ways the Elderly Can Improve Their Credit Scores

We are aware of some of the things that come when you age. Some of these things, you don’t really welcome such as the aches and pains associated with aging. However...

Save Money While Young

Save Money While Young So You Can Own Your Business Earlier

It is challenging for many Americans to save, let alone sit down and plan a household budget. It is especially difficult for...

Your Tax Refund

What to Do to Make the Most of Your Tax Refund

Death and taxes are the only surety to human beings. However, when some people think about or hear about taxes, it may bring a little fear in their minds. So...

Mastering Personal Finances

Mastering Personal Finances

So you have sat down and made a promise to yourself that enough is enough. It is time to take your finances head on.

Becoming Financially Secure

Steps to Becoming Financially Secure for the Upcoming Year

Now that the New Year has come on the scene, what are you going to do about your financial situation?

Personal Finance Goals

Personal Finance Goals Fall Short in 2015

It looks as though many Americans were not thrilled with their personal finance goals for the 2015 year.

Extra Cash

How to Make Extra Money During the Holiday Season

Every year we always become so rushed to purchase gifts for everyone. Many people don't even come up with a plan or budget for presents. To avoid running out of cash this holiday season, here are a few ways you can make some extra money.

Credit Card

5 Ways to Decrease Interest Rates on Credit Cards

The Minimum Payment Interest rates associated with credit cards can drain your income.